3N Malaysian Peninsula - Princess

Singapore, Penang, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (Port Klang), Malaysia

Sail along the shore of dazzling Singapore, and embark on an exciting experiences and extraordinary adventures await in the dynamic ports of Singapore, Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Embrace all the magic these hidden gems have to offer and discover the traditions and lore of the region has to offer with Sapphire Princess.

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Sapphire Princess

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  • Prices are in Singapore dollars on twin sharing basis. Prices exclude associated taxes and gratuities. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Other terms and conditions apply.

Day 1 - Singapore

Singapore - the very name summons visions of the mysterious East. The commercial center of Southeast Asia, this island city-state of four million people is a metropolis of modern high-rise buildings, Chinese shop-houses with red-tiled roofs, sturdy Victorian buildings, Buddhist temples and Arab bazaars. Singapore is an ever-fascinating island boasting colorful traditions, luxurious hotels and some of the finest duty-free shopping in the world.

Arrival Time
Departure Time
4:00 PM

Day 2 - Penang, Malaysia

George Town is perhaps the best-preserved city in Southeast Asia. It boasts a European-style esplanade and a wealth of temples, mosques and Chinese clan houses. Listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 2008, this virgin paradise has no shortage of cultural sights and natural scenery.

Arrival Time
3:00 PM
Departure Time
9:00 PM

Day 3 - Kuala Lumpur (Port Klang), Malaysia

In 1786 Francis Light persuaded the Sultan of Kedah to cede Pulau Pinang - the "Isle of Betel nut" - to the English crown. Legend has it that Light persuaded his men to clear the overgrown island of Penang by firing a cannon filled with gold coins into the jungle as an incentive. The island was renamed Prince of Wales Island, and its major town was christened Georgetown after King George III. Whether the story is true or not, Penang quickly became a major trading port for tea, spices, china and cloth. Here European, Malaysian, Hindu, Arabic and Chinese cultures met, melded and flourished. Today George Town is a cosmopolitan city that has preserved its unique heritage and its exotic blend of cultures.

Arrival Time
9:00 AM
Departure Time
6:00 PM

Day 4 - Singapore


Arrival Time
7:00 AM
Departure Time
  • Port arrival and departure times are approximate.